Allied Professionals

Lucrative Strike Allied Professional Jobs

Recruiting highly-qualified allied professionals for facilities in immediate need of expert caregivers. Ensuring a continuum of care for communities.

The Premier Strike Staffing Company in the US

To uphold the optimal level of care we strive for, we welcome any opportunity to connect with qualified healthcare professionals who understand and approach the challenges of strike staffing with professionalism and expertise. We know that we cannot successfully support hospitals during a labor dispute without first supporting our own allied professionals.


Strike allied professional assignments are among the most challenging in the business, so we’re happy to offer compensation that far exceeds the average for strike staffing agencies. We will of course cover the cost of your travel and lodging as well.

Everything Taken
Care Of

We will manage the details of your contract and set up weekly direct deposit payments to ensure you get paid on time. And wherever you’re coming from, we’ll do the planning and cover the cost of travel, transportation, and private housing.

The Respect
You Deserve

You are not a commodity to us, as you are to so many staffing agencies. We talk with our allied professionals to forge real relationships built on respect and support. You’re the lifeblood of our business, so we will always go above and beyond for you.

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